KawasakiKawasaki proves art and technology marry together wonderfully in this rimless collection. Titanium lends its lightweight and durability to the clean, modern Kawasaki frame designs. Lens shapes and sizes can be custom made, creating a truly essential piece of your eyeglass wardrobe.


2.5 Eyephorics/SwissflexEyephorics eyeglasses combine ultra-light weight, style, and comfort with a funky look unique to this rimless experience. This Swiss made concept is available in 20-odd colours and can be made from a selection of lens shapes – or customize your look with a shape all your own. The options are endless with up to 5 different colors on one frame, or all one color. 2.5, Swissflex, and I0 Swissflex frame lines compose the Eyephorics collection.


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