Welcome to Selden Optometry!

Personalized eye care is our mission at Selden Optometry. Our own eye doctor in Downtown Norfolk – Dr. Diane Wallach – performs the entire eye exam herself. This one-on-one allows Dr. Wallach to make adjustments for your best vision and eye health. Selden Optometry will forgive when you get caught in traffic or a meeting. Dr. Wallach uses NO PUFF of AIR! A gentle blue light takes the eye pressure instead. Dr. Wallach can treat eye injuries, “pink eyes,” and contact lens-related problems. Overall compassionate eye care of our Norfolk neighbors is our mission.

Contact lenses are a favorite challenge of Dr. Wallach’s. Rigid gas permeables (RGPs), astigmatism, bifocal, monovision – she fits any types of lens. Dr. Wallach works with you patiently until you are comfortable and see sharply.

Our optical is the most exciting in Norfolk. We believe eyeglasses should express your personality. This may require multiple pairs of eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Colors pop, shapes angel and bend into great shapes in our extensive eyewear collection from Europe. Anne et Valentin, Lafont, Face a Face, Prodesign, Kliik, Theo and Oliver Peoples eyeglasses are some of our fabulous frames. Chunky, preppy, sleek – our opticians will fit you in your next favorite frame.

Selden Optometry is proud to be an Eyemed provider, Tricare provider, Vision Service Plan (VSP) provider, and Vision Benefits of America (VBA) provider. We will help you understand how your vision plan works.

Look over our website to learn more about us. Call 757-627-EYES (3937) for an appointment with our optometrist in Norfolk. Come into our office to experience the best in eye care and eyewear in Norfolk.