Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer a great glasses-free option. Dr. Wallach is experienced in fitting strong prescriptions. She patiently instructs you on the handling and wearing of lenses. She is beside you through the entire process. A contact lens fitting involves multiple evaluations. Each piece of information adds to the best fitting and most comfortable contacts.

Multifocal contact lenses provide clear vision at all distances. Head movement does not affect vision. This design is available in soft disposable and RGP lenses. Sometimes monovision – one eye for distance vision and one for near vision – is the the best contact option.

What is astigmatism? It is points of elevation on the front surface of the eye. Dr. Wallach patiently works through modifying the astigmatic contact prescription. Bifocal lenses are also available to correct astigmatism.

Disposable contacts are the most common contact lenses. They are available in daily, two week, monthly and quarterly replacement schedules. Dr. Wallach works with you to determine which is best for your lifestyle, prescription, and eye health. Disposables can be done in almost any prescription. Improved technologies make extended/overnight wear of contact lenses safer than ever.

Contact Lenses from Selden Optometry - Optometrist in Norfolk, VA